MSR 2020
Mon 29 - Tue 30 June 2020
co-located with ICSE 2020

Live Coding: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ICSE 2020 Plenary Sessions

Session : Live Coding: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
Sam Aaron, perhaps the most famous live coding musician alive, will be performing a set via livestream for ICSE participants. He will begin his set by explaining the basics of live coding, giving the audience context to understand the artform, which not only produces great-sounding music, but also beautiful code. Next he will begin a set driven by the ICSE audience. As he begins his performance he will poll the crowd using live voting to make key decisions as he builds toward the ultimate beat. After this crowd-directed opening set he will launch into an extended set as the audience is invited to mingle in AltspaceVR, a virtual world, featuring Sam performing on the big screen and colleagues you can chat with. It will be a social event to remember.

The Performer
Sam Aaron, Ph.D., turns programming into music. He is the creator of Sonic Pi: a free music software program that converts code into music, and has been used by more than one million people. Sam was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine and the New York Times, has been awarded a Google prize, and used Sonic Pi to teach thousands of children around the world, as well as perform at the Royal Albert Hall alongside 1,000 children. He regularly gigs and night clubs and, during the pandemic, via livestream for the massive Microsoft Build conference and one of GitHub’s all hands meeting.

How to attend

How to watch: Go to Sam’s Twitch channel
To simply watch the show you do not need to sign up. If you want to use the Twitch chat for commentary on the show, registration to Twitch is necessary (please do that before the show starts).

How to interact: Mix and mingle with your colleagues in a 3D world using Mozilla Hubs (no VR headset required!). Hubs work on Windows, Mac and Linux - FireFox browser recommended, Safari and most others supported. We encourage you to go to the rooms before the show and familiarize yourselves with the user interface (in fact you can use the rooms at any time during ICSE just to hang out). The Virtual World is fun, but it does take a bit of practice to get used to it. If you have two screens, we recommend having Twitch on one screen and Hubs on the second.

Virtual Mingling Tips:

  • Use your real name when creating an avatar so people will know who you are.
  • To talk to people, you must be close to them, or they may not hear you.
  • Use the FireFox browser if possible.

The following rooms are available, now, and throughout the rest of ICSE. Each room has a capacity of 25 participants, so if one is full try another. You may also settle on a room with friends and colleagues to rendezvous. If you want a private party with your friends/colleagues feel free to create your own room (free), and share the link with invitees.

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